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Crackling leaves
Smell of snow.
I wonder where
All the goblins go.

They’re here for just
One frightful night
Then they stay away
Far from our sight

Ghosts and goblins
Witches and more
Come out at night
And knock on our door.

So watch them closely
And please beware
For they will delight
If you they scare.

Broomsticks and pumpkins
Spiders and bats
Be kind to the witches
And watch out for their cats.

Be not afraid
It’s only one night
And the winds blow cold
With such terrible sights.

Monsters and ghouls
Wizards and bats.
Tomorrow they’re gone
And that will be that.

But next year they’ll come
And the year after that.
Warlocks and witches
With pointy black hats.

For Children still marvel
At halloween’s great joy
For candy and popcorn
And shinny new toys.

 Copyright ©
Susie Dunn All Rights Reserved.
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